Swapit — Developments so far

We have been going over our developments so far, and what we have done over the past years. We thought we would list out some of the products that we have created:

  1. DEX on Ethereum, Wanchain, AION, NEO.
  2. Basket protocol on Ethereum, Wanchain, AION to enable users to group tokens into a basket and trade on baskets.
  3. Trade aggregator: This is a uniswap-like interface that enables trade of any ERC-20 token on Ethereum by connecting with APIs and SDKs at the top AMMs — Kyber, Uniswap V2, Bancor, 0x. This would be different from the Metamask interface that enables trading because this would be at a much lower tx fees, and potentially integrate other chains as well.
  4. Desktop app: The Desktop app was a significant milestone, where we brought together wallets across various Blockchains, the DEX, and the Basket protocol under a single app. It is fully decentralized, any private/public key pair created on the desktop app is owned by the user.
    The user can import any key pair into the desktop app and trade entirely using the DEX by directly connecting with the Blockchain smart contracts. This is a truly decentralized way to enable trade on any Blockchain. The Desktop app and its UI makes it easy to visualize trades and visualize the connection to any Blockchain.
    The Desktop app never holds any tokens, but merely acts as a conduit to the smart contracts that we have written on various Blockchains for trading on a DEX or for using the Basket Protocol.
  5. Basket protocol on BSC: The Basket protocol that we developed on Ethereum has also been deployed on BSC. Hence basket of Tokens on BSC can also potentially be created and traded on Swapit.
  6. Web UI of Swapit.finance: We created a brand new web UI for the Basket Protocol and the trade aggregator at Swapit.finance. In addition, we enabled the switch between multiple chains through just the UI. Hence, you can switch to say BSC network through Metamask, and use the same UI to trade on Baskets of tokens on the BSC network.

What we have been actively working on is to best integrate all of the above solutions, in addition to the work that we are currently doing on the revamped UI and the NFT Baskets; more on this in the next post.

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