As we have described in our previous posts, we have designed token baskets that can enable creating a basket of NFTs. However, we are currently grappling with the issue of:

In NFT based ERC721 tokens, it doesn’t give an array of Token IDs for a particular account user and it…

We have been going over our developments so far, and what we have done over the past years. We thought we would list out some of the products that we have created:

  1. DEX on Ethereum, Wanchain, AION, NEO.
  2. Basket protocol on Ethereum, Wanchain, AION to enable users to group tokens…

As per our previous post, we have created the smart contracts to enable creation of a basket of NFTs. In the previous post we showed how a basket of NFTs was created with a smart contract which enables adding only of a single NFT into the basket. This was a pilot project to showcase if the smart contracts which we created for the basket protocol to enable basket of ERC20 tokens can be upgraded to enable creation of baskets of NFTs as well.

We will start creating the User Interface for enabling creation and trade of baskets of NFTs. For this update, we have almost finished upgrading the Basket protocol smart contracts, and the below contracts have been developed to create an NFT basket for two NFTs that we created:

The NFT basket that we have created!

As we mentioned on the previous blog post, our first NFT baskets have been created on Polygon! — This can be replicated on BSC, Ethereum, but for our test we used Polygon.

NFT Baskets creation —

Sample NFT Token deposited into the Basket —

Purchase of an NFT Basket —

Sample NFT from Opensea used for this Basket:

As we showcased in our previous post, the trade aggregator and the basket protocol is being tested on the mainnet. We would like to highlight a few key features that we are working on to incorporate defi and NFTs. We are working on how we can integrate baskets, our trade aggregator on Ethereum, a cross blockchain basket protocol on BSC, Matic, Ethereum. As discussed on the earlier blog post, the roadmap points that were highlighted have been completed:

Swapit token listing on pancakeswap;

Swapit new UI release;

Swapit new UI trade aggregator.

These features have been released onto the Ethereum mainnet, and will be published onto our UI by the mid of September.

Regarding the UI revamp, we have done many more changes, and are also looking into the social aspects, as highlighted below:

Trade executed on mainnet.

The Swapit trade aggregator is being tested on the mainnet now. Once the testing is complete, it will be released onto with the refreshed UI with the old UI also available on the app. The below screencast showcases the webapp that we are developing.

Mainnet trade aggregator part 1

Swapit token swap:

The Swapit Token swap link is live on All users who have SWAND in their Ethereum wallets have to sign a transaction on the platform to receive Swapit tokens on the BSC chain.

So far close to 80 wallets have signed the transaction. We shall…

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